Early Careers Main Conference

The Early Career Researcher Local Organising Committee have planned a range of events for ECRs to participate in during the conference. We hope that these events will help to create a relaxed and social atmosphere during the conference, allowing researchers the chance to meet one another, perhaps for the first time since COVID. 

Throughout the week there will be a dedicated space for ECRs in rooms 2.220 and 2.219 (the ECR Lounge). In this space you will find both dedicated workspaces and social seating. Each morning we will hold discussions here with coffee from 8:30 am until the conference begins. There will also be morning exercise classes available, sign up sheets and additional information will be on the display board in the ECR Lounge and in the registration area.

Various workshops will take place at lunchtimes. On Wednesday and Thursday there will be a limited number of in-person 1-1 CV
advice sessions with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), sign up at https://signup.com/go/ZdKpnMM. These sessions will take place in the ECR lounge.

There will also be a lunch with established scientists on the Monday at the Whitworth Gallery.

Highlights of the week will include an ECR Mixer evening event on the Sunday, held at the Manchester Art Gallery and the Tuesday afternoon excursion to either the Manchester United Football Stadium or on a river cruise down the canal.

We have also created a guide to some of our favorite spots in Manchester for you to check out during your visit! The QR code on the guide will take you to a map of the city where we have added our recommendations:

To stay up to date and to get in touch with us, you can follow us on Twitter at the handle @IGAC_ECR


The ECR Mixer will begin at 7:30 pm at the Manchester Art Gallery!

Events with an * have limited capacity so please register for your preferred lunchtime workshops and excursion using the link below!


Lunchtime Sessions

Sunday 11/09/22

  • Stakeholder Engagement (room 2.218):
    • Stakeholder engagement workshop for early career researchers: This session aims to provide an introduction to stakeholder mapping and engagement, including techniques for exchanging knowledge with public, commercial and third sector stakeholders. It will be interactive and participatory, with top tips from the facilitators and attendees shared and turned into a checklist for engaging stakeholders throughout the research project life-cycle. 
    • Facilitators: Briony Turner is a Knowledge Exchange specialist, working as Programme Manager of the CMIP-IPO, hosted by the ESA Climate Office near Oxford, UK. Her research interests span climate change and environmental health, indoors and out, including contaminated land. She’s secretariat to the UK Indoor Air Quality Working Party hosted at Reading University. Sophie Hebden is a research liaison officer for Future Earth, based at ESA Climate Office. She is interested in the science-policy interface, working on communications and coordination of Earth observation research projects and activities. She has a PhD in space physics and an MSc in science communication.

Wednesday 14/09/22

  • How to Stop Self Sabotage and Trust in Yourself (room 3.204):
    • This session aims to teach how to: Become more aware of the emotional triggers and patterns that you have around self-sabotage (including imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing) and learn about how to practice and create the shifts in mindset you will need to work on these patterns.
    • Speaker: Alys Kay, Researcher Development Officer, University of Manchester.
  • Building a Network Post-Covid (room 2.218):
    • This workshop is designed to teach early career researchers about networking, with a particular focus on the change of landscape around academia following the covid-19 pandemic and the proliferation of remote working and collaborating.
    • Speaker: Dr Sarah Ashworth, Researcher Development Officer, University of Manchester
    • To join the ‘How to write to get what you want’ session on Wednesday (12.50 UTC+1). Please register at the link below:
    • https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GVwU0e0sR76-zZkLl6lydQ

Morning Yoga

Come and join us for yoga on Monday and Wednesday from 8 am in the University Wellbeing Room. Meet at the conference registration desk. We’ll be doing a mix of vinyasa and hatha yoga to power up your morning and shake off any tension. Expect a blend of strength-building postures and muscle-lengthening stretches to re-align the body and calm the mind.

Who We Are

Emily Matthews (Chair)

Emily is a PhD student at the University of Manchester and her research primarily focuses on the analysis of chemical ionisation mass spectrometer (CIMS) measurements made onboard the UK research aircraft. Her research interests lie in the marine sulphur and reduced nitrogen cycles. Emily is looking forward to meeting Early Career Scientists and welcoming the IGAC community to Manchester.

Hannah Bryant

Hannah is a PhD researcher from the University of Edinburgh sponsored by the Research Council of Norway with CICERO. She works to model the environmental effects of hydrogen emissions to the atmosphere.

Connor Clayton

Connor is a PhD student at the University of Leeds with a Met Office CASE Studentship. His research involves using atmospheric chemistry modeling and the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways to simulate the air quality co-benefits of climate mitigation in Europe.

Ashish Kumar

Ashish is a Post-doc at the University of York working on the indoor air science at the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories. His current work focuses on the measurement and quantification of gaseous and particulate emissions from various activities in the indoor environments. He finished his PhD from IISER Mohali, India in 2021 where he worked on the measurement of VOCs in the ambient air and different emission sources along with developing the upgraded emission inventories from anthropogenic sectors in India.

Emma Sands

Emma is doing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh with a CASE partnership with the UK Met Office. She is researching the links between land cover change and shifts in atmospheric composition using satellite data and model simulations.

Huihui Wu

Huihui is a Post-doc at the University of Manchester, mainly working on the measurements of aerosol chemical and physical properties made on aboard the UK research aircraft. Her current research interests focus on aerosol-cloud interactions, especially dust effects on mix-phase cloud in Arctic region.

Frederick Otu-Larbi

Fred is a Post-Doc at Lancaster University in the UK and a lecturer at the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana. His research focuses on forest growth, productivity and BVOC emissions and how these are impacted by environmental conditions.

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