Poster Upload and Printing Instructions

Upload Online Posters by 1 September 2022!

Everyone needs to submit an online poster! Posters can be in pdf or jpeg format (pdf preferred), up to 25 MB. They can be traditional posters or a short slide deck.

Poster upload form and instructions here:

Physical Posters

Posters will be A0 size (portrait).

A033.11 x 46.81 (inches)841 x 1189 (mm)

Local Printing Options

Local printing here:

When ordering, please mention your last name, abstract number, and that it is for the iCACGP-IGAC2022 conference in the ‘special instructions’ section. You must order your physical poster by Monday 5th September, so it is ready to pick up on the Friday. The posters will be available at registration.

**Remember, even if you are attending in person, you must submit an online poster!**